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Truc Le

On the day of the fall of Saigon, I was eight and a half years old. My family and I were living in a soldier's camp in My Tho where my father worked. But on the evening of April 29,1975 my family ran away to go to Saigon because there were a lot of bombs exploding next to my house and the school next to us had been destroyed.

 My mother carried my youngest sister in her arms and told my brother and me to walk with her and bring some bags of rice, some milk, a flashlight, and some clothes. When I stopped to rest, my mother made some milk for me, but it was hard for me to drink it because I was so scared. Then she told us to keep on walking. Suddenly I saw the militias who stood along both sides of the streets and had guns in their hands. They searched everywhere in my luggage and they took my flashlight. We needed it because we were walking at night. We went on without drinking or eating and the bombs kept on exploding.